Lalibela Restaurant, Mt. Kisco, NY

I wasn’t actually planning on a post today, but I just had a delightful vegan lunch at a restaurant in Mt. Kisko called Lalibela. If you’re a longtime reader, you may know that I used to frequent a restaurant/food cart by the same name in New Haven– I loved that one, and I love this one! (The two restaurants are not related).


All this, shared with a friend. Chickpeas and corn, green beans and carrot, beets, and misir wat in the center, on ginormous injera!

If you go:

  • The restaurant is on the small side, but bright and cheery.
  • Lunch specials are reasonable (about $9 each for the vegan dishes), and regular menu items looked to be not that much more expensive.
  • There is a seperate vegan/vegetarian menu, but the restaurant does serve meat dishes.
  • The staff is incredibly friendly!
  • The word “vegan” appears on the menu!
  • Best of all, the food is delicious. Make sure to order the tea!

This was definitely a great lunch, and I will be back. The flavors- ginger, cardamom, garlic- we just really well done. If you’re in the westchester area, you really have to try this place!

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  1. Joey says:

    Looks great – oddly enough it’s the second mention I’ve seen of injera in the last couple of days. I really like the fact it’s like an edible plate here! Maybe it’s time to give it a crack at home…

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