A Lazy Day…

Classes are over for the summer, so I expect to have more time to cook and to post in the coming weeks, which makes me happy!

Today was the first day since the end of finals that I’ve really been able to just hang out, with no work or meetings or appointments, and I’ve been throughly enjoying it.  I did several things around the apartment today, but I thought a few pictures of my windowsill garden might be nice to show off.  I am primarily growing herbs, but I’m trying for a couple of small vegetables this year.  I found a type of dwarf tomato plant (it grows cherry or grape tomatoes- I’m not actually sure which), so I planted a few.  Here’s one of them!

baby tomato

Here’s a few of the herbs I’m growing:

basil thyme oregano chives

In this shot are thai basil, oregano, chives and thyme.  The oregano and thyme were planted later than the  basil and chives, so they’re a little harder to spot.  In the same window box I also have sage, italian basil and flat parsley growing.
I grow almost everything from seed.  Right now I have one herb that is not from seed, and that’s rosemary (see, I have parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme!).  When it gets bigger, I may teach myself how to propagate it from cuttings.


Last Spring, I posted about the compost method I use, Bokashi
(you can see posts about it here and here).  I found that having a bucket of soil with my pickled compost attracted flies, so I wasn’t able to keep using it like that.  However, I’m still using the Bokashi composting method (I’ve not had any problems with bugs around the regular compost bucket, just the one with soil).  I use the “tea” for my fertilizer, and I’m giving the solid compost to a friend.  I think that this method is still better for my needs than  some of the other indoor composting methods.
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