more mac & cheese, because I clearly like it.

Okay, last post from blogging hibernation.

I just tried Amy’s Vegan Rice Mac & Cheese. It was good, no question. It was not as good as I remember their original mac & cheese, but I think that had more to do with the rice pasta rather than the sauce. It’s quite rich and not something I would want to eat everyday, but I’d have it again. Here’s the kicker though:
It has more fat, more calories, more sodium and less protein than any of Amy’s other mac & cheeses. In fact, save for the sodium, even Stouffer’s Mac & Cheese beats it out in terms of nutrition (and the sodium difference between the two is only 90mg, with Amy’s at 730 and Stouffer’s at 820).
This is a treat. Have it with a salad and it’s a meal in a pinch, but as much as I like having the convenience of a good vegan mac & cheese I can pick up at the grocery store, it scares me about the future of vegan health.
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  1. Simply Life says:

    i have yet to try that brand of mac and cheese although I see it all over – thanks for the review!

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