My PPK Care Package!

care package

Though I’ve been posting a lot about PPK things during VeganMoFo, the truth is, I’m a lurker over there for the most part.  I don’t even have nearly enough posts to participate in a swap, but I can now get into them because I’ve been a member long enough.
For my first swap, I was paired with J-Dub, a Canadian PPK-er.  I’m really excited to try the different chocolates and the Stroopwaffles!  
I took a lousy picture because I was in a big hurry today (busy busy!), but if you click though you can read all the notes of what the various items are.
Oh, I have to share this:  in my building, we have lockers for the post office to leave packages for us.  When I opened it, the smell was just so good . . .


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  1. tofufreak says:

    ahhh looks like fun!

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