Not more on Vitamin D…

Last update for a while, I promise.

Getting liquid vitamin D2 for high dose therapy is not easy. Most pharmacies do not stock vitamin D liquid as a matter of course, so you’ll have to have them order it (or you can probably order it on the internet, but keep reading). Liquid vitamin D is usually only used in very small doses; 2 drops, to be exact (which would be 400 IUs). Remember, I need to take 50,000 IU at once.

If you take a look at the bottle, there are 8000 IU/milliliter. To get 50,000, you need to take 6.25 mL. It comes in a glass bottle with a dropper.

That is reason #1 you’ll want to get it from your pharmacy instead of online- the pharmacist will give you a syringe to draw it up (you can then mix it in a little water or juice- it’s very sweet but otherwise flavorless- actually, so sweet it’s kind of revolting. I vote for a lightly sweetened juice).

Reason #2… it’s expensive. According to my pharmacy slip, the generic brand is about $68/bottle. One bottle will get you somewhere around 9 doses at the 50,000 level. It’s not that bad in the grand scheme of things, but I think it’s a lot. So, here’s the deal: Liquid Vitamin D is technically an over the counter product; but at this high dose, it actually requires a prescription. If you can get your medical provider to write a prescription for you (they may not know that this dose needs one, since it’s gonna say in their drug look-up it’s OTC- I know, I have the same one they’re all using), it can be put through your insurance as a prescription medication, if you have insurance, and if that insurance covers medication and it’s an approved medication (this dose seems to be commonly covered).

So there you have it. I’ll follow up again in a few months to say if it’s working.

Please note, I don’t provide this information because I want you to run out and start taking a dose like this. High dose vitamin D therapy can be very dangerous unless you’re actually severely depleted. Check with your medical provider first!
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    I think it's so great of you to share your personal heath care experiences, and your professional knowledge. Thanks.

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