Odd and Ends

I got nothing for food today.  I have some pictures and recipes to post from Thanksgiving that I hope to get to soon, but it’s end-of-semester madness around here, so there you have it.  

I’m contemplating a food-lifestyle experiment for the coming year to help me reduce the amount of vegan junk food that I buy.  Seriously, as long as you can afford to spend extra money, there’s no reason that you should ever miss any kind of animal-type food- there’s just so much available that’s vegan now.  It’s unreal!  And very bad for my pants, which seem to be shrinking.  
Speaking of over-availability of things, let’s talk about “The Big Three,” since that’s all over the news these days.
I would feel terribly for people to be out of work.  I want to get that out there.  However, why on earth are we supporting the bailout of the auto industry?  Seriously, how many cars can we possibly need?  Supply – demand… does this mean nothing?  We should be doing something entirely different and moving that industry into something else… what, I don’t exactly know, but can we possibly sustain all this consumerism forever?  I mean really, I don’t know these things, but it seems awfully counter-intuitive.  Encouraging people to buy more stuff that they don’t need and is terrible for the environment to save jobs doesn’t seem to be the answer.  Anyone?
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2 Responses to Odd and Ends

  1. aimee says:

    So here’s my, perhaps uninformed, opinion (since you asked!). Maybe auto makers should start charging less for their product. Or, I don’t know, stop taking million dollar bonuses every quarter. If they really want people to buy cars in this flagging economy charge less for them. Why do they need to make such enormous profits? It would keep people in jobs and stimulate the market (not that I think we need more cars on the road, but…) geez, and people talk about socialism! Duh!

  2. Jodie says:

    I agree that safe and reliable cars shouldn’t be so expensive- the whole deal is completely overpriced. On the other hand, I don’t want to see more cars on the road- I’d like to see less. Frankly, I’d like to see less of a lot of things.

    I’m a little complainy today, so I may be way off base.

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