On Food Photos

Some of the more experienced vegan food bloggers out there have been sharing some of their tips on food photography.  VeganYumYum has given a great detailed primer;  Hanna of BitterSweet has shared some tips on lighting from a class she recently took; and back in the spring, Katie of Don’t Eat off the Sidewalk also posted some tips.

I know that I have been guilty of taking and posting some pretty bad pictures.  I have very limited space for taking pictures (I live in a less than 200 square ft studio apartment), limited light for taking pictures (two side by side windows that have a brick wall jutting out next to them.  Actually, the light in the bathroom is fabulous, but… ew); and limited time.  I go to school full time, have a clinical internship and work two part-time jobs, among other commitments.  That doesn’t leave a whole lot of time for cooking, let alone for taking good quality pictures.
I really like having this blog though, so I have taken all the advice out there to heart.  I’ve got a lot still to learn, but I am making an effort.  I can’t promise that all pictures I post will be of the same quality, but I’m working on it.  Here’s one of the better ones I’ve taken today:


You’ll learn what exactly it is and how to make it sometime later this week, along with a few other things.
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