Shoreline Diner & Vegetarian Enclave

I can’t believe that I’ve lived in CT for 6 months now and have not been here! It’s a very cute little diner with vegan food! Most of the options are not vegan, but they have some great selections that are. It’s really a great place to eat with an omnivore friend, as I did today. Ironically, everything she ordered happened to be vegan, though not purposely. Here’s the fruit salad she ordered:

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I was not so healthy. I started off with this lovely bean chili:

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Then moved on to a delicious tempeh ruben with fries. It was so, so good. I mean, so good. So good in fact, I didn’t notice that the picture I took was out of focus. Oh well.

3 great iPhotos

They also had vegan dessert options. I did order one to go, but it was too rich for my tastes. It did not merit a picture, though I’m sure that there are many vegans out there who would love it. I just prefer my desserts to be sweet and not rich- kind of like me! 🙂

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