Stargate SG-1 Pizza Marathon!

Note: none of the links here will take you to spoilers, unless you consider the kind of summaries they post in things like TV Guide to be spoilers. Which some people do.

I’m taking the night off from Healthy Weeknight Meals, because I was too hungry for what I had planned. I had a burrito from Chipotle instead (with brown rice)! You’ll get the meal I was planning for tonight tomorrow, instead.

Last December, vegan boyfriend and I started watching Stargate SG-1 (well, he had seen it and owned everything on DVD; I had not). In case you’re not an SG-1 fan, it started with the feature film Stargate, and was then made into a TV series, first airing on Showtime and later on SyFy. It lasted for 10 seasons, with two movies afterwards. That’s over 200 episodes in addition to the movies. Well, this past Saturday, our SG-1 marathon came to an end.

We celebrated with pizza!

First pizzas, with the second-to-last episode, Dominion.


For vegan boyfriend: Veggie Lover’s Pizza- personal sized. Caramelized onions, black olives, sautéed mushrooms, broccoli and green peppers. All of these pizzas use Daiya cheese.


For the picky vegan who hates things that taste like shrooms: caramelized onions and pineapple, also personal sized. Mmmm.

We took a pizza break for the final episode, Unending.

Second pizza, with the first post-series movie, The Ark of Truth.


Regular-sized pizza, with Field Roast Italian Sausage. One half has the above veggies lovers with the Field Roast, the other just caramelized onions with the Field Roast.

We took another pizza break after the beginning of the first movie, until the end of the second (final) movie, Continuum.

Towards the end of the second movie, vegan boyfriend paused the movie and said “should we make pizza?” After I replied, “what is this ‘we’ of which you speak?” I made this final pizza. 🙂


The same pizza as above, but with Yves vegan pepperoni instead of Field Roast. It came out a bit deformed, though some people might call that “rustic.” 🙂

And just like that, Stargate SG-1 was over.

But then we got back to Stargate Atlantis! I figure it won’t be too long before we’re done with that one, either.

And there’s still Stargate Universe to go…

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4 Responses to Stargate SG-1 Pizza Marathon!

  1. Stargate (the original movie) made me fall in love with James Spader. And it’s a love that burns brightly to this day! I’ve never seen any of the other Stargate shows/movies, though.

    • jodie says:

      His character is played by the very cute Michael Shanks, who in his early days was a dead ringer for Spader. I’m pretty sure that SG-1 is available on Netflix, if you’re ever interested in watching!

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