Terri NYC

I completely forgot to add this when I made my NYC Vegetarian Food Festival post!

Prior to heading over to the Vegetarian Food Festival, I stopped at Terri NYC. I had seen their menu before, and decided it would be important for me to get over there one of these times! Fortunately, it was close to the NYC Food Festival. It also happens to be close to Natural Gourmet Institute, so if you’re going to have a meal before taking a class there, this might be a good place to get it!

Terri serves vegan fast food, mainly sandwiches, wraps and salads. Seating is very limited. On this particular Sunday afternoon (1ish, perhaps?) it was standing room only. In the future, I might order my meal to go, and enjoy it outside. 🙂

I got myself a totally decadent sounding sandwich: The Bacon Cheddar Chicken Ranch, made with soy bacon, vegan chicken, cheddar Daiya, ranch sauce and lettuce. It did not disappoint!


Bacon Cheddar Chicken Ranch

This is definitely a place to check out! While I chose a decadent sandwich, you can definitely make healthier choices- which is probably what I’ll do next time. And there will most definitely be a next time!

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