Vegan Dessert Freakout

So last Friday, there were vegan desserts in New Haven. Like, more vegan desserts than you can shake a stick at. Seriously. You’d have to shake the stick multiple times to shake it at all of the desserts!

This was at the Fuel Coffee Shop in the Wooster Square area of New Haven, and was a fundraiser for the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary. Desserts were provided by Little Vegan Monsters, who are apparently New Haven-based. I think I might need them to be my new best friends.
This is the table when I first walked in:


And the rows upon rows of glorious vegan cupcakes:


It was really hard to get pictures in here, because it was so crowded, so I tried to take a little bit of video with my iPhone:
Of course, that’s hard too when you’re the shortest person in the room. But it gives you a good idea of what a happening place this was!
I took a couple more pictures of the front table as they changed over to different desserts over the course of the evening.


In the bucket are cinnamon donut holes. Yes, yeasted vegan donut holes. It was on the list that there were supposed to be Boston Creme donuts as well. I waited two hours, but I never saw them put any out. I was so bummed, but still pretty happy with the cinnamon sugar ones.
One more change over:


Pudding, even!
Let me just say, I am glad I had the foresight to bring a couple of containers with me. There was far too much to sample while there!
Here’s hoping there’s another one of these around here someday!
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