Wife Swap

The semester’s almost over.  Hopefully there will be some more regular posting then.

Ever watch the show Wife Swap?  Hopefully you don’t, because it’s a terrible show, but it’s one of those things that just sucks me in.  The premise is that every week, 2 families send the wives to each other for 2 weeks.  The families are always polar opposites on some level- like, extremely conservative vs. ultra liberal; quiet homebodies vs. mega-party-ers;  stay-at-home-mom vs. CEO career woman… and this week, cattle ranchers vs. vegans.
Honestly, I’d hoped that no self-respecting vegan would ever volunteer for this show.  You see, one of those weeks you have to live by the other family’s rules.  As in, the first week the vegan wife goes to the cattle ranch, she has to eat meat, because that’s the family rule.  She gets to change it the next week, but at that time, the cattle-rancher wife makes the rest of the vegan family eat meat.
And they did.
The show’s not over yet, and I’m going to guess that the vegans will go back to eating vegan, and the children of the cattle rancher will probably feel more comfortable with vegan food (though I can’t see that they’ll have the opportunity to eat that way again until they’re adults), but I’m having a hard time reconciling that.
Would you eat meat for a week if it meant that you maybe made a couple of kids a little more vegan friendly?
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2 Responses to Wife Swap

  1. Kyle says:

    Absolutely not!! I will never eat an animal part again. I am trying to look for this episode online and I came across your post. I agree with you–what self-respecting vegan would go on that show? Perhaps to get the message across to commercial audiences?

  2. kitty mama says:

    I thought it was a horrible show. The cattle ranchers wife was totally disrespectful to the daughter of the Vegan. A life choice like being a vegetarian is such a personal life-style choice, almost relilgious! I realize it was all done for the show and for the ratings! I also thought the vegan mother was great at handling the kids of the cattle ranchers and possibly the knowledge of knowing a vegan will have an impact on them someday.

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