Bits from the Weekend

I almost forgot to post today. I think that’s part of the point of VeganMoFo, at least as a writer- get out of your comfort zone and just keep posting, no matter how insignificant the post may seem! I hope to do some more in-depth posts about some of what I’m showing in the future- but for now, I’m just giving you the barebones version.

I had an extra long weekend (starting Thursday) due to the Jewish holidays. I decided to put it to good use with the food projects! You already saw my pesto from Thursday, and I know you know that I’ve been working on tempeh!


Not quite fermented long enough, but this is it at its prettiest. It ended up with some ugly, but edible, black spots.

On Saturday, I went to a meetup with the Westchester Veggie EatUP group to the farmer’s market and an Indian restaurant for lunch. Fun times were had, and the food was good! Jenn from Vegan Dance if You Want to and The Food Duo were there, too!


I don’t even know what this was.


I’m a big fan of Chana Massala.

I went for a bike ride later, and was pretty much ready to just flop on the couch for the night, but remembered I planned to ferment some purple string beans from the farmer’s market.


They were so pretty to start! They’re green now, though.

There were other projects, but one of the best? Bread making!


Made it myself, from start to finish!

It was a busy, busy weekend- this was only a sampling of what I did- I didn’t take pictures of everything. But there might be more from the weekend that sneaks its way on to the blog. And you know what? There will always be more to come!


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