Blossom du Jour & Cocoa V

I’ve decided that I need to do more interesting things. I’ve also decided that I need to do more walking around. Fortunately, these two things go hand in hand, so it works out perfectly sometimes. 🙂

I went into NYC for the day to have lunch and do a little shopping. I got to stop by Lush, and smell some pretty things. Well, mostly I needed hair conditioner, but nice smelling things are good. Then I went for a walk, heading towards Blossom du Jour.

This was my first time there. I don’t get into NYC as often as I should, but I had been to Cocoa V a few months ago. It appears Blossom du Jour has taken over the dining area that Cocoa V had, which is all well and good, as Cocoa V didn’t serve much non-chocolate food. Which makes sense, when you think about it. 🙂

Blossom du Jour is a tiny little place with counter seating. It’s bright and clean and modern looking. Best of all, there was an electrical outlet near where I was sitting, which was good as I needed to charge my iPhone.

I pursued their menu, and had a hard time deciding what I wanted. I settled on the Midtown Melt.


“cajun spiced seitan, v-cheese, agave guacamole, lettuce, chipotle aioli”
(menu description)


The inside.

The seitan was crispy, the sandwich wasn’t overly spiced, and served on a rosemary focoacia. It was perfect.

I had onion rings on the side:


There’s rosemary in the onion rings! Brilliant!

I may try a little rosemary in my onion ring recipe one of these days.

Next, I headed over to Cocoa V, for a little something to take home.


A little chocolate.

The lighter colored one is a raw rose-flavored white chocolate. The flavor is delicate and interesting. The one with the nut on top is filled with marzipan, and the other is a créme de menthe. I haven’t had those ones yet, but I’m sure they’re excellent.

The other item I purchased is one I’ve been waiting to try since their debut a couple of months ago.

This was the chocolate glazed with peanuts. I had it for dinner. It was delicious!

One note about Cocoa V. I could swear that the last time I was there, they took credit cards. Their Yelp page also reflects that, but today I saw a sign on the cash register that said “cash only, please.” It’s also a little more cramped, and there appears to be a lot less chocolate in the display case. I think there’s also less display case, for that matter.

Both places are excellent.

I did a little more shopping, ending my trip at the 4th Street Food Coop. I haven’t really found a good place to buy bulk foods in Westchester (other than Whole Foods), so it was nice to get some good variety. A lot of their food is locally grown, as well.

All in all, it was an excellent day, though my feet are tired!

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