Candle 79

The day after my last post, I got an iPad. It is awesome, and has been my primary internet device since then. There is one thing that the iPad isn’t so good for though… and that’s blogging. So I’m here with my trusty laptop after a bit of a blogging break!

But, I do have a few posts to make!

I just had a very nice vacation of cleaning. Seriously, I rented a rug cleaner and everything! I’m cool like that. And in addition to my cleaning, there was cooking, restaurant going, cooking-class taking and other things going on!

For the longest time, I have wanted to go to Candle 79. It’s just so… fancy. Celebrities go there! I live just a train ride away, and yet I have not been!

I decided I must rectify that, and took myself there for lunch. Lunch is not as fancy as dinner (and there were no celebrity sightings), but it was awesomely good!

I thought about having a nice glass of wine, but I went with a limonade instead.


Limonade was a little too tart for my taste, but good. And hey, look! My iPad came to lunch, too! With LTE and everything. It was an exciting day overall!

I was having a hard time settling on an entree, but I went with a Chili Grilled Tempeh Sandwich.


Wedges of avocado, but not an overly heavy sandwich. Very nice!

And I finished with dessert. This was of course, the best part of the meal and a reason all by itself to go!


OMG good. Cannoli, with chocolate chip ice cream and chocolate drizzle. All vegan, of course!

I have many more vegan spots in NYC to check out, but I will definitely be coming back here!

And of course, after lunch there was much walking done. I made it my mission to go to three Apple Stores, but that would be a whole other blog…

What should you know if you go?

  • It’s open for lunch and dinner.
  • Even by NYC standards, it’s an expensive restaurant. Lunch is much cheaper than dinner.
  • You might spot a celebrity!
  • All the food is vegan, some is also raw and some is also gluten-free.
  • The menu is seasonal.
  • Dress at lunch is casual- you’ll fit in if you’re wearing jeans.
  • Can’t get there yourself, but you want to try something from their menu? They have a cookbook!
  • Be warned: you will immediately want to go again.
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2 Responses to Candle 79

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  2. Oh how I miss Candle 79! Candle Cafe was always a favorite, but Candle 79 was a very close 2nd! And I never knew they had a book! I own the Candle Cafe book. I should probably get the Candle 79 book to complete the collection. šŸ™‚

    Also that cannoli seriously looks good!

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