Healthy Weeknight Meal: Chickpea Piccata

I knew I had posted this before sometime last year. Guess when? Last VeganMoFo, of course!


Old picture- tonight I served it just with arugula- no pasta.

Tonight’s meal was Chickpea Piccata from Appetite for Reduction. The recipe is available here, though the book is worth every penny!

It took me just about 30 minutes to make that, but part of it was cooking time that allowed me to empty the dishwasher (I know, I’m lucky). I came home a bit earlier than yesterday, and wasn’t hungry right away. Since I had time, I decided to make a dessert, too! I got the idea from Kohlrabi and Quince’s post the other day, on a slow-cooked fruit crisp. Here’s what I came up with!


Peaches and blueberries with an oatmeal topping.

I used my small (2-quart) slow cooker for this one. I tossed in frozen peaches and blueberries (didn’t measure) and sprinkled on a little cornstarch and sugar (maybe 2 tsp). I topped it with 1/3 cup regular oats, and a bit of cinnamon and maple syrup. It was cooked 2 hours on high in the slow cooker. It made 2 servings. Tasty servings!

Well, I still have posts to read!

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  1. Kelly says:

    Just stumbled on this (catching up with this year’s MoFo posts is going to take a lot of time!)

    The chickpea piccata looks delicious! So does your crisp! I love peaches and berries together!

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