Pizza in New Haven

Every now and then, I check out what search terms being people to this blog. I’ve noticed that a number of people are looking for vegan pizza in New Haven, so I thought I’d share what I know. Unfortunately, there is no dedicated pizza place for vegans around here- for that you’ll need to head up to Peace O’ Pie in Boston or at least Nice Slice in Providence, which has a separate vegan menu. Or take the train down to NYC, where vegan options for everything abound.

In New Haven, there is a Papa John’s, which is a chain that has vegan-friendly cheese-less pizzas, but it’s not all that exciting. New Haven is a city known for its pizzas. I haven’t really gone to any pizza shops and asked if the crusts are vegan, and I’ve always figured that getting a cheese-less pizza at one of the two famous pizza places in New Haven would be problematic because of how busy they are (Sally’s and Pepe’s are the two biggies). However…
Edge of the Woods, who only makes pizza on Thursdays, will have Kosher Vegan Pizza soon! They’re waiting for Daiya, who recently finished building their new dedicated production facility, which will allow them to have Kosher certification. Edge of the Woods will start using it as soon as they’re able to get the completely Kosher variety of Daiya. As soon as I see vegan pizzas from them, I’ll keep you all posted!
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2 Responses to Pizza in New Haven

  1. zoe p. says:

    The traditional Pepe's pie actually doesn't have mozzarella on it. You have to order the mootz.

    I do think they sprinkle a little something (and its not parm . . . maybe pecorino or ricotta salata), but it wouldn't be that hard to order a pizza absolutely cheese-free.

    I think it'd be great with garlic or broccoli.

  2. Jodie says:

    That's good to know, though I'd have to check that the crust is vegan, too (I'm betting it is, but you can never be too careful). I've never been in because of the vegan thing, but I'm told it gets awfully busy, so I'd get worried that it might be hard to get a more "custom" order.

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