Siena in Mashpee, MA

How do you find vegan eats when you’re somewhere new?

I’m sure that social media figures in there somewhere, along with recommendations from family and friends.

Social media helped me find this one. I stumbled across the Facebook group Cape Cod Vegans, looking for any recommendations for restaurants that weren’t from Happy Cow (not that there’s anything wrong with Happy Cow, there just weren’t a lot). And here I saw that Siena, an Italian Restaurant in Mashpee had its own vegan menu!

I eagerly looked up their website, but couldn’t find anything about a vegan menu, though it looked as though many of their vegetarian dishes could probably be made vegan. Since I couldn’t confirm anything online, I actually picked up the phone and called (if you knew how much I hate the phone, you’d be impressed). Indeed, they have a vegan menu. Look!

It's a small menu, but it is one!

It’s a small menu, but it is one!

I didn’t ask a whole lot of questions about the rest of the menu. For instance, I have no idea if the pasta is made with eggs, since I didn’t order any. I suspect at least some of it is fine, but I can’t vouch.

I did feel confident in ordering the Crispy Chickpea and Kale Salad, sans cheese, of course.

Fried chickpeas are the bomb.

Fried chickpeas are the bomb.

My big folly of the evening was not asking about the bread and olive oil (not pictured). I’m fairly confident that the bread was fine, but the olive oil plate apparently had cheese at the bottom, under the oil, that I did not see.

I dipped.

Fortunately I didn’t dip deep enough to get any visible cheese on my bread, but my mom did. She didn’t tell me until after we left, because she didn’t want to ruin my meal.

Had I known, I would have simply asked for a plate without cheese. I can’t imagine they would say no!

But there is your lesson on always ask.

Lastly, the entree.

Please forgive the B & W photo. It got dark in the restaurant and my picture wasn't very good- but I wanted to share this, because it tasted delicious!

Please forgive the B & W photo. It got dark in the restaurant and my picture wasn’t very good- but I wanted to share this, because it tasted delicious!

I’m sometimes a little wary of artichokes, but this dish delivered! Again, I am so sorry that the picture is black and white- but it’s a dish worth ordering!

I hope that I can find some other restaurants with hidden vegan menus!

Siena is located in Mashpee Commons, next to the movie theater.  There’s outdoor seating as well, but there was a pretty long wait for that.  I’d suggest reservations if you want to dine outside!

While it would be nice if they incorporated the vegan items right on to the regular menu, I’m thrilled that they do have clearly marked vegan options.  Thanks, Siena!

That now makes five posts for VeganMoFo!  I am 25% to the finish line.  Stay tuned next week for my new favorite place on Cape Cod, a wrap up on the Cape and heading through CT and back to NY.  After that?  Who knows!


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  1. Ellen says:

    I’m glad I found your blog! I live in the Boston area and love the Cape, although right now it’s not a vegan mecca. 🙂 Looking forward to hearing more about your vegan Cape experiences.

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