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Healthy Weeknight Meals: Not Your Mama’s Pot Roast With Roasted Vegetables

Another slow cooker recipe, but this one from Vegan Diner. The actual directions for the dish have you cooking on high for 4 hours, but I cooked on low for a couple of hours first. I’m thinking it would work … Continue reading

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Healthy Weeknight Meals: Mix-and-Match Jambalaya

Another meal in the slow cooker! I actually had today off, so I again got to be here while using the slow cooker. I’m feeling pretty confident about it at this point, though using it next week is not on … Continue reading

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Peppers and Onions

Have you ever had what you thought was a really good idea for a recipe, but it just didn’t work out to your expectations? Tonight’s dinner was one of those. Yesterday vegan boyfriend sent me home with cubanelle peppers, red … Continue reading

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Veganizing Meat Recipes: Seitan Bourguignon

Who doesn’t love seeing a Julia Child recipe veganized? Well, I’d guess it would make Julia roll over in her grave, but it’s a great thing for us vegans, and others who would like to eat less meat. There are … Continue reading

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Taking A Cooking Class at Natural Gourmet Institute

This was the second class that I’ve taken at Natural Gourmet Institute. Both classes that I’ve taken are classes in which you get to do actual cooking, though NGI offers lecture classes and demonstration classes as well. I hadn’t taken … Continue reading

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Braised Leeks and Seitan Stroganoff

This was just so good, I am going to make another batch of seitan even though I don’t have time just so I can make it again. Really, really good. I started with this recipe (and got the idea for … Continue reading

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VeganMoFo or VeganMoPho?

I’m using this recipe here; I haven’t changed anything substantial, so I’m not reposting it. The thing about Pho is that you have to have a really awesome broth. I think the way to best achieve that is with a … Continue reading

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Food on a Stick

I gave my new grill pan a spin today. ¬†Aside from nearly setting off the smoke detectors, it worked out beautifully! ¬† The seitan is from the Veganomicon recipe, with a couple of minor modifications, as I ran out of … Continue reading

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Taste of YSN Entry #2 (Buffalo Seitan with Vegan Ranch Dip)

I thought this dish turned out great, but I’m not sure how well-received it was. Those who tried it, seemed to like it. It also happened that it was placed right next to baked buffalo chicken, so who knows how … Continue reading

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