Portland Pre-Vida Vegan Con!

I made it to Portland, OR last night for Vida Vegan Conference. I got in too late to do anything, and was so tired from all the travel. Today was filled with sight seeing and stopping at some of the vegan hotspots that I’ve read so much about in the past. I am still feeling under the weather so I have been pacing myself, and not doing quite as much as I’d like, but I had fun with what I did do today!

I started off with a trip to Voo-doo Doughnuts. I walked, as I did for may things today (but not all). It’s a good things, because I walked away with four doughnuts. Fortunately, I have not eaten them all yet!


The infamous line! Really it wasn’t that bad. Plus the outside wall is sparkly!


Look, there’s vegan doughnuts on the shelf!


I don’t know, I think the voodoo doll is too cool to eat!

After wandering around the city (and heading back to the hotel for a quick shower- it’s surprisingly hot here right now), I took the bus over to Native Bowl, Julie Hasson’s food cart. I am shocked at the number of food carts in this city- it is crazy! I got the Mississippi Bowl– which was delicious. And the first time I’ve had Soy Curls! I bought them once, but but too weird out to ever eat them, and had to toss them eventually. They did not taste weird at all. 😉


It’s the blue cart in the back!


Mississippi Bowl- it was prettier before I mixed it!

This evening I went to a screening of Vegucated, which was awesome. I’ll be doing a post just on that next week. If you’re able, you should absolutely see it!

And of course tomorrow evening is the start of Vida Vegan Con!

1 Day to Vida Vegan Con! Or it’s here, depending on your time zone!

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2 Responses to Portland Pre-Vida Vegan Con!

  1. I’ve had a blast today too! I can’t believe the Con hasn’t even started yet… 🙂

  2. Hope you have a great weekend. Those donuts look out of this world GOOD!

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