Vida Vegan Con Day #1

Vida Vegan Con is now over. 🙁 But, since I didn’t blog on the days of the conference, you get to hear all about it now!

Official events on day 1 weren’t starting until late afternoon/early evening, so I started off my day exploring on my own. I ended up at Vita Cafe for breakfast:


Funky little café!


Sloppy Biscuit Sandwich- gravy, potatoes, biscuit, seitan and more! How can you go wrong?

As I was still feeling under the weather, I headed back to my hotel for a little while after this. Next up: a trip to the famed Vegan Mini-Mall! No, I did not get a tattoo, vegan or otherwise.

Food Fight, Herbivore, and Sweetpea Baking Company. Scapegoat Tattoo not pictured, as I was standing in front of it.

But I did see some Tofurkey Bologna, which I do not think I have seen before!

And I got a brownie! I didn’t eat it that day, though.

After the mini mall, I again returned to my hotel room. It was HOT this weekend. I mean, not really any hotter than it’s been in New York, but much hotter than I expected of the Pacific Northwest. I needed a shower. And to change, before going to the Cupcake and Champagne Reception that kicked off VVC!


I had to vow to my fellow table mates that I would not reveal how many cupcakes I had.

After the reception, I headed to Homegrown Smoker, because you have to visit multiple food carts when you visit Portland.

MacNoCheeto. Tortilla stuffed with mac no cheese, beans and barbecued soy curls. I only got in a few more bites at that point. But it was good cold the next day!

Well, that was about it for Day 1 of VVC. I’m not sure if I’ll get to post about day 2 tomorrow, but hopefully soon. Tomorrow is my last day in Portland, and then I have a long night of travel ahead of me!

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4 Responses to Vida Vegan Con Day #1

  1. Crissie says:

    Love the recap! The con was so amazing, and I’m glad I had the chance to meet you, even though it was so brief. I fell in love with Homegrown Smoker too…anyone who thought to put mac and cheese on a sandwich is bloody brilliant!

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