Vegan Brunch: East Coast Coffee Cake

Vegan Brunch is probably my favorite cookbook. I’m sure that I’ve made more from this one than any other cookbook I own. This of course is a little different than what I’ve been doing for the last few days, but sometimes it’s nice to say hi to an old friend, right?

Yesterday I had a hankering for coffee cake (other people know it as “crumb cake.”) Vegan Brunch to the rescue!


Raspberry-Chocolate version.

This was easy to make. However, I did not have any brown sugar, which I’m sure would have made a big difference with the crumb topping. I added some molasses, but it didn’t have quite the same effect (though had I added the molasses directly to the white sugar, maybe it would have?).

At any rate, it still tasted good!

Tomorrow I have a recipe from another cookbook I haven’t tried before!

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  1. Bexky says:

    I love this coffee cake! I think Vegan Brunch is my favorite cookbook too ^_^

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