Vegan Pizza Day!

Today was the first annual Vegan Pizza Day, and well, I ate pizza. 🙂

First pizza:

Whole grain dough with olive oil, Field Roast Italian vegan sausage, rosemary and potato, with a little Daiya vegan cheese. I loved this one.

Second pizza:

Whole wheat dough with Daiya cheese, pizza sauce, and more Field Roast Italian vegan sausage. This one was good, but I liked the other one more. Vegan boyfriend liked this one best.

Close-up shot.

We had our pizza with some wine:

I tried Culpeo Malbec at a wine and chocolate tasting over the summer in New Haven at Kerin. I immediately liked it, except for that it is hard to find- I only know of a distributor in Connecticut that gets it. If you can find it, I highly recommend this vegan, organic, awesome wine!

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4 Responses to Vegan Pizza Day!

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  2. Natalie says:

    Did you make your crust from scratch? They look great!
    And that IS good wine – I had it at Kerin, too! You know, it’s no longer there… : (
    Have you tried Wayfare’s We Can’t Say It’s… products? I had the cheddar sauce on mac and it was better than the box mix! (Though I do like the Chreeze boxed mixes in a pinch.)

  3. Jodie says:

    I wish I had made the pizza dough- I bought it at Whole Foods. I’ve never made a pizza crust I’m entirely happy with (they’re always too dense), so I gave up on that front. I should try again now that I have a KitchenAid- I think one of the problems was not kneading enough.

    I heard that Kerin was gone- that it terrible. Of course, there’s not so many college/grad students that can afford to drop $160 on a sweater more than once a season, even if they do go to Yale. Plus all their clothes being designed for stick thin tall people… I did get an awesome Matt & Nat bag there though, and I probably would have gotten a pair of shoes if they carried my (very small) size.

    I love We Can’t Say it’s Cheese! My favorite is the hickory smoked cheddar. I haven’t tried doing a mac and cheese with one of them yet though. 🙂

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