Happy New Year!

For the new year 2004, I became vegetarian, making that New Year’s Eve my last taste of meat. By that time, I was mostly vegetarian, eating the occasional meat when someone else made it for me. I was at a party at a friend’s house, and noticed somewhere around 10PM that I hadn’t had any meat all evening, and if that was going to be my last night as a meat-eater, I might as well have something. I ate some meatballs. I think I might have spit them out- they weren’t very good at all. I haven’t looked back since!

(It took me another 3 years to get to veganism, which was much harder, but I’m glad I did).

2011 has been a tough year for many, but I’ve been blessed to have mostly good fortune.

I’ve chosen a post from each month of the last year to highlight how my year has been!

Vegan Pizza Day, January 2011. Looking forward to another one in a few weeks!

Southeast Asian Vegan Banquet, February 2011. The first class I took at Natural Gourmet Institute!


The Green Smoothie Experience, March 2011. I started using my VitaMix for what I actually bought if for!


Box Office Cafe, April 2011. It’s a terrible picture, but it’s a great reminder of spending time back home, as well as reconnecting with the music therapy community at a conference held there.


Could You Eat Real Food For 100 Days? May, 2011. May was a slow month on the blog, but it got me thinking about what read food actually is, and how I haven’t done the best job of eating more whole foods. It’s a goal for the next year, for sure!

Brunch at Kaya’s Kitchen, June 2011. It’s only available during the summer, and I’m not near them every weekend, so it’s really a treat to be able to have brunch at Kaya’s.


Mini Chocolate Raspberry Cake, July 2011. My birthday is in July. Of course I’d pick that as my favorite…


Vida Vega Conference, August 2011. This not only was the best vegan blogging conference ever, it was also my first trip to Portland. I couldn’t just link to one post!

Health At Any Size? September 2011. I talk about health a lot on this blog, and I hope that no one is offended, because one of the topics I often post about is weight. I think you’re beautiful as you are, and being skinny isn’t the point- but I want all of us, and the generations to come be as healthy as possible. Look for more health topics in the new year!


VeganMoFo, October 2011! My fourth year of MoFo participation. Again, it’s hard to pick just one post! I look forward to this every year. 🙂

In Depth Herb & Spice Class, November 2011. The fifth class I took at NGI. I have learned so much about food this year!


Christmas, December 2011. So that was just last week, but it was a really nice day. Here’s to many more!

I hope that everybody has a happy, healthy and safe 2012, and may things only get better from here!

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